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Why Our Customers Love Our Products!

Cannabinoid (CBD) has plenty of health benefits. It’s a chemical compound made from cannabis, and it’s known to relieve pain. It has anti-seizure properties, is used to treat sleep issues and combats anxiety… but if it is in a Therapeutic Treat chocolate bar, it also tastes great! 

One square of a Therapeutic Treats organic chocolate bar contains 15 mg of CBD, which can ease arthritis and other chronic pain issues. What’s even better? Our Extra Strength Chocolate bars contain 120 mg of CBD — that’s 30 mg in each square!

“Absolutely delicious!” writes one Therapeutic Treats customer. “The best organic CBD Chocolates in the industry! I highly recommend this product to consumers of all experience levels looking for a relaxing, pain-relieving therapeutic experience.”

Being pain free is important to a growing number of chronic pain sufferers. A daily quest for many is to discover safe ways to elevate pain, especially for those suffering with diseases like Fibromyalgia—a chronic pain disorder that causes musculoskeletal pain in addition to fatigue and cognitive issues. Many times, treatment options actually become more manageable with Therapeutic Treats.

The fact is CBD has been used to treat chronic pain symptoms and reduce inflammation for years. Today, it’s considered to be an excellent alternative to taking addictive opioid prescriptions, and there are even more benefits: relaxation for anxiety and health benefits from the organically rich dark chocolate that can even help to reduce high blood pressure. 

Studies are promising and show that CBD relieves neuropathic pain from nerve injury. In a 2009 study, this finding was underscored, which is good news for Chemo patients, who battle neuropathy. 

In recent studies, researchers found CBD oil is an effective alternative treatment and significantly reduces symptoms of anxiety, seizures, and pain. It is a neuroprotective and even contains qualities that prevent cancer growth in the early stages. 

Cannabinoid (CBD) products are used for the therapeutic benefits without experiencing psychoactive symptoms of medical marijuana and CBD is legal in the USA. However, it can be difficult to find a product that contains only CBD without THC. 

Therapeutic Treats offer high quality chocolates made from hemp-infused oil and no THC. Plus, effects last for up to six hours.

Another customer writes, “This is a really awesome product. The CBD chocolate helps ease anxiety and helps me sleep through the night. Plus, the customer service is great, too.”

CBD isn’t psychoactive, unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the famous byproduct of marijuana. In fact, it acts against THC-targeted receptors to reduce the negative effects of marijuana, such as paranoia and anxiety. 

It is thought to activate serotonin receptors that play a role in pain control, maintaining body temperature, and reducing inflammation. CBD also breaks down a chemical in the brain that affects mood and mental function. This reduces psychoactive symptoms.

These benefits are what make CBD a very appealing alternative treatment for pain disorders. 

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